Garcinia Cambogia

Product Details

  • Brand Name
    • G.O.S.P
  • Type
    • Other
  • Style
    • Dried

Supply Ability

  • Packaging Details
    • Dried Garcinia Cambogia is available in 50 kg and 75 kg plastic coated jute bags.

Detailed Product Description

It is known as ‘Uppage’ in Kannada. It is used for culinary purpose and herbal medicine. Garcinia Cambogia is an evergreen tree grown in the western coast of India. Karnataka and Kerala are main producers. The fruit rinds are used for curries. Processed Garcinia Cambogia is actually dried fruit rind. It will be blackish in colour and tastes sour. It is used for making hydroxy citric acid. Life of the product is 2-3 years.