Ginger Whole

Product Details

  • Brand Name
    • G.O.S.P
  • Type
    • Ginger
  • Style
    • Dried

Detailed Product Description

Ginger is used in the form of rhizomes for medicinal and cooking purpose. Ginger plant belongs to the family of turmeric. Usually ginger rhizomes are used in cooking by slicing or mincing. Tea can be flavoured with ginger in winter. It is a food preservative. Ginger paste is much in demand. 

India is one among the prime producers of ginger. Fully matured ginger rhizomes are lifted from the ground and are dried for marketing. For domestic purpose usually rhizomes are not dried. Ginger oil extracted from the sun dried ginger rhizomes is popular among European and American markets. G.O.S.P. provides dried ginger slices and powder.